Demo Reel 2010

Malcolm Thomas-Gustave : 2010 Demoreel from Malcolm Thomas-Gustave on Vimeo.

Editing and graphic design of the reel was done by Luis Suarez (

Downloadable: Right Click and Save As
High Version (720x480, 100mb, sorenson3)
Mid Version (480x320, 48mb, sorenson3)
Low Version (720x480, 18.7mb, h.264)
IPhone Version (480x320, 14.7mb, avc1)

Demo Reel 2007 

 Low Version (320x180, 16 Mb, No Audio)
Mid Version (720x405, 24 Mb, With Audio)
High Version (720x405, 37 Mb, With Audio)
Old Reels 

Demo Reel 2005

Low Version (320x240, 3.8 Mb, No Audio)
Mid Version (720x480, 10.6 Mb, With Audio)
High Version (720x480, 29.6 Mb, With Audio)